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One Stop Solution



    Our services range from the development of the overall garden design concept, to designing and implementing soft and hard landscaping, which includes choosing the right plants, laying lawns and pathways, constructing walls, as well as installing irrigation systems and providing continuous maintenance.
    We will ensure that the whole process, from initial concept to project completion, is smooth and seamless and offers you value for money. Our ultimate aim is to design the right garden that not only gives pleasure, but also suits your lifestyle, matches the architecture of your home and adds value to your property.

    Garden Maintenance

    A garden is a living thing and needs constant loving care and attention. It is important to review your garden regularly and carry out remedial work when needed.

    We provide a garden maintenance service to assist you with the regular upkeep of your garden, whether or not you have used our landscaping services before. Whatever type of garden you have we will recommend a specific maintenance plan to suit it and offer contracts either on a weekly, monthly or less regular basis accordingly. Our well-trained professional teams will draw up a written tailor-made maintenance contract for every client. The contract will specify the frequency of maintenance visits to your garden, and will guarantee your losses. It will describe the services to be carried out, such as

    Pruning and supporting of trees and bushes | Disease control of plants and lawns | Mowing and weeding the lawn | Hedge trimming | Cleaning and removal of garden waste

    Regularly checking the irrigation system and regulating it according to the season | Keeping the garden neat and tidy

    We are committed to ensuring that your garden is in perfect shape and gives you pleasure all the year round. Our high standards, reliability, the quality of our work and our reasonable rates are what our reputation is based on.

    Indoor Plants

    According to a NASA Clean Air Study, the peace lily can remove harmful contaminants such as carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde from the environment in which it is growing. No wonder it’s one of our most popular indoor plants. Houseplants emit oxygen, clean the air around us and reduce stress, all the while looking stylish and beautiful.

    Design Services

    Our Design services incorporate creative concepts and innovative solutions to meet all the Client requirements and budgets. We cater the design services across the market that includes small, medium and large projects for Clients from private and public sector.