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  • Carpentry


    Our extensively experienced employees and passion for wood let us produce top quality products that spans from Customized Furniture, Parquet Floors & to Joinery of stairs, door and window frames. Offering durability as our lasting promise with a full guarantee.


    We allow to embody the most unbelievable fantasy to create a variety of interiors, our boards provide precise geometry conceived forms, matching visual style and excellent performance for decorative purposes, but also to provide a reliable sound insulation.


    Acontec Carpentry offers a full-range of upholstery services, fabrics, and materials. Our skills include using the appropriate methods and materials for any piece, we use the finest textiles locally and across the globe, eg. Belgium, Morocco, Turkey, USA, UK and Qatar.


    Our company mastered the spatial art of environmental design, form & practice associating cultural and contemporary designs in a harmonious setting. These include Blinds & Windows shades, Artworks, Gypsum ceilings, Interior lighting and Majilis.


    We utilize CNC Machining as a valuable operation in creating intricate designs to meet our clients’ need. Incorporating geometric, stellate, or vegetal motifs to create breathtaking patterns meant to awe and inspire.