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One Stop Solution

Aluminium & Steel Fabrication
  • Aluminium & Steel Fabrication
    Structural Steel

    Building Steel (columns, beams, bracing, girts, sag rods) |Industrial Equipment Support Steel |Pipe Supports

    Pipe Racks & Brackets |Staircase & Handrails |Spiral Staircase |Access Ladders | Pergolas & Canopy’s |Stone Cladding Structure |Platform & Walkways |Tensile Structure & Car Shed |Concrete Slip Forms & Shuttering

    Wrought Iron and Welding

    Handrails & Balustrades | Balcony’s & Window Grills | Wall Fencing | Gates & Doors

    Our welding department can provide many welding processes that include general fabrication from steel, stainless steel & aluminum products as well as Pipe Cutting & weld preparation on request.

    Metal Doors

    Fire & Non Fire Rated Doors |Architectural Hardware |Stainless Steel Doors (Fire & Non Fire Rated)

    Industrial & Residential Cabinets |Lockers & Shelves | Special Cladded Doors & Hatches

    Block and Plaster Accessories

    Metal Beads (Angle Beads, Plaster Beads, Architrave Beads, Movement Beads, Control Joint Beads, etc.)Expanded Metal Lath (Corner Lath, Coil Lath, Rib Lath, etc.)

    Block Work Expanded Mesh| Reinforcement Mesh| Wall Ties |Lintel

    Ceiling & Partition System

    Concealed / Clip-In Systems | Open Cell Systems | Exposed Ceiling Systems | Ceiling Tiles (Plain / Decorative / Perforated Tiles, Special Decorative Tiles, Gypsum Tiles, Sound Absorption Tiles |Ceiling Strip Systems Drywall Partitioning Systems | Dryline Furring Channel Systems |Access Panels | Mesh Ceilings |Pipe Ceilings